Scanty rainfall and lower than usual snowfall has left the city of Shimla looming under a situation of water scarcity. The article below brings you up to speed with any questions you have regarding water shortage situation

Shimla: Heavy snowfall in Shimla on Jan 8, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

Is it safe to visit Shimla at this time of water shortage in Shimla?

During this time of water shortage in shimla, there is certainly no problem of law and order and it is completely safe to visit the hill town. Being peak summer season – a visit to Shimla is a pleasant break from the heat in the plains. With hotels, restaurants, attractions and the beauty of the hill town it is a good time to come here. Shimla remains a great tourist destination for couples and families alike. However, please use water sparingly when here. Act responsibly and do not waste water. Water is precious. Water is life! Do remember, bulk of Shimla population depends solely on tourism for their livelihoods. So cancellations and cutbacks in travel affects their earnings severely. Be cautious, travel but use water wisely!


Is water available in hotels in Shimla?

Check with your respective hotel before visiting. However, at Hotel Willow Banks Shimla we assure you uninterrupted water supply, owing to the extreme shortage we urge all guests to utilize water responsibly. To find out about availability at the hotel, visit us at Hotel Willow Banks Shimla or call us at 098160-76512 or 99101-70312 or 0177-2658125 or drop us an email at We will be more than happy to address any queries regarding water in Shimla. We understand the crisis has created huge anxiety among guests visiting or wanting to visit the hill state. We will be happy to address your queries.


Is there water available for locals in Shimla?

Compared to the demand of locals for water in Shimla, the available water is much lower. For a seven day period no water was available for locals residents via the municipal corporation. However, immediate measures have been taken by the state government to remedy the situation. Construction has been banned and so has washing of vehicles. The city has been divided into zones to ensure equitable distribution of water across zones. Gradually controlled supply of water is being released to each of these areas. The situation should ease out in the coming few days for local residents of Shimla. In all likelihood, a good monsoon will help replenish depleted water levels of Shimla.

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Is water available in restaurants in Shimla?

Hotels and large restaurants are buying water commercially to suffice their needs for guests. There is no issue being faced by guests in restaurants. Mineral water is also available for drinking, easily on the Mall Road. Some untrue reports are circulating about dirty water being used in restaurants for cooking, which is not true. At our hotel restaurants, Cafe Simla Times and Eighteen71 you can enjoy delicious meals and have a memorable vacation in Shimla.

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What steps are taken to conserve water at this time of water shortage in Shimla ?

At Hotel Willow Banks, we understand that due to global warming and other climatic issues outside of our control – it is important to use water responsibly. Following is what we do through the year to conserve water:

  1. Rain water harvesting: Shimla gets good rains during monsoons and even snow water is collected and used in the hotel post cleaning in toilets
  2. Avoid tub baths: We urge our guests to avoid using tub baths as they lead to a lot of wastage of water. Only if guests specially request do we provide tub stoppers in bathrooms.
  3. Buckets in bathrooms: While showers are available for a comfortable bath, we also provide buckets in bathrooms in case guests choose to use them as we understand that a bucket bath saves far more water compared to shower baths.
  4. Continuous maintenance: A leaky tap can lead to immense wastage of water. We ensure our maintenance team checks all leaks so we don’t lose any precious water through this.
  5. Saving of water in cleaning: Our staff cleaning common areas using buckets of water rather than powerful hoses that spray out huge amounts of water when used
  6. We request guests to let us know if you do not want to get your towels or bed linen washed for the second day of their stay. In case this is the case, it helps us conserve water as laundry is the largest utilization of water in a hotel. In our laundry too we use smart practices and modern equipment to lower the consumption of water.


Amidst this water shortage in shimla, is this a good time to visit Shimla?

Do check with your hotels before visiting and come to Shimla when you are sure your hotel will be able to supply you running water. Your use of water will not adversely affect the situation of locals as the water being used by hotels is commercially being purchased in tankers, vs. locals rely on municipal water connections. Also, a huge population of Shimla depends on tourism for their livelihoods. Cut back in tourists visiting Shimla affects the earnings of all these people and their families. So visit Shimla and enjoy the hill town – but use water responsibly!


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