Winters are here and holidays too. Here are some tips that will help you pack like a pro for your holiday in Shimla. Ensure you are cozy and warm and still conveniently fitting into small suitcases for your much awaited holiday!

  • Thermals do the trick

Do you know the secret trick to pulling off skinny jeans and boots in below freezing temperatures? Wearing an invisible layer of long underwear underneath! Plan to bring one pair of thermal leggings, and one long-sleeved thermal top on your winter holiday in Shimla. Added bonus: Long sleeved thermals can double up as comfortable sleepwear too!


thermal holiday in shimla


  • Swap out sweaters

Sweaters, though cozy and chic, unfortunately take up more space in your bag than other tops. Ultimately the rule here is: don’t add in sweaters, but replace other tops with them. Tip: Take black clothes to your holiday in shimla. Not only are they chic and can be dressed up with colourful mufflers but they are easy to match and they never look as dirty as they maybe really are!

sweater holiday in shimla

·      Pack Boots, not Shoes

Pack in a pair of comfortable boots and you are sorted. They are fashionable, keep your feet warm and they virtually match with everything! These will be good partners for all the long nature walks during your holiday in Shimla.

winter boots holiday in shimla

If you do have to bring a second pair of shoes, like a pair of sneakers for hiking, especially if you would like to explore the area around Shimla town like Shailley peak etc.

·      Pack Warm, Lightweight Socks

Boots alone won’t keep your feet warm. It’s important to pack warm socks when packing for cold weather trips anywhere.

 warm winter socks holiday in shimla

·      Warm Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to change up outfits while traveling and are generally small and easy to fit in your bag. They’re also a great way to add color to an otherwise neutrals-heavy travel wardrobe. Especially scarves and mufflers!

muffler holiday in shimla

·      A Coat for Layering

Pack in a warm coat for New years eve! Get one that allows you to wear lots of layers underneath. DRESSING UP IN LAYERS IS THE KEY IN WINTERS! The long coat also becomes your stylish look for the New year event you attend.

Tip: For an entertaining New Year event for your holiday in Shimla, check out Hotel Willow Banks Shimla – a great mix of delicious food, foot tapping DJ music and games for the entire family!

warm coat holiday in shimla

  • Hats  and caps – the secret to staying warm!

Requirements for a good travel hat – it should cover your ears, at least partly cover the back of your neck, have no flaps or fluffballs or other wasted mess and should be made of thin, modern materials for maximum warmth!

winter cap holiday in shimla

  • Gloves – Thin, light, breathable and ideally waterproof!

The days of massive mittens and wool gloves are gone at least for smart travelers. You can get thin gloves that weight less but keep your hands warm and allow your hands a good grip!

gloves holiday in shimla

  • After your clothes are chosen and packed away, don’t forget to toss in chapstick and a travel sized bottle of lotion before zipping up and taking off! Also carry a sunscreen as the sun is really bright in the afternoons in Shimla.

chapstick holiday in shimla

Bon voyage! And if you still feel cold, quickly grab a glass of wine to help warm you back up. Try Cafe Simla Times or Eighteen71 Shimla for a fun ambience, live singing, amazing food and some innovative drinks! 

Weather in Shimla: Weather in Shimla Accuweather

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